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Sunday Evening Service March 17, 2024

March 17, 20241 min read

"Enoch, A Picture of the Church" by Br. Dave Jones, Staff Evangelist.

Join the Faith Independent Baptist Church family for their Sunday Evening Service featuring Bible Based Teaching, Bible Based Singing, and Christian Fellowship. Br. Dave Jones, Staff Evangelist message tonight is "Enoch, A Picture of the Church".

“And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah:

And Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah three hundred years, and begat sons and daughters:

And all the days of Enoch were three hundred sixty and five years:

And Enoch walked with God: and he [was] not; for God took him.”

- Genesis 5:21-24 KJV

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Thank you to our many church volunteers that made the this morning's service possible:

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Br Dave Jones

Brother Dave Jones is Faith Independent's Staff Evangelist and Pastor Emeritus. Br Dave Jones also hosts the Old Time Country Church radio broadcasts.

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